Pictured (L-R): Andrew Lloyd, Knobbe Martin Patent Attorney, Jinger Koyle, SimuStream CEO, & Garrett Baxter, SimuStream Founder & Chairman. Picture Credit: GCN

St. George, Utah, February 23, 2023

SimuStream recently announced that the Company’s Board of Directors has appointed Jinger Koyle as Chief Executive Officer. Jinger is a leader in the business and marketing fields, specializing in influencer brand integrations, video content creation, and online marketing. 

“The structure of the current digital world is based on redirecting- which leads to:  customer exhaustion, low conversion rates, and missed sales opportunities. Simustream aims to revolutionize eCommerce by enabling customers to purchase items seamlessly through live and streaming videos, without the need for redirecting. This will create a more engaging and interactive shopping experience, which will result in higher conversion rates.” Ms. Koyle stated in an interview which contained several pieces of knowledgeable information for business owners.

Shoppable video platforms and live commerce have become an essential tool in the digital marketing landscape. SimuStream creates a streamline process for both businesses and consumers involved- saving money, time, all while simultaneously generating leads or direct sales. With platforms like SimuStream, consumers are now able to make purchases straight from the videos they view, making the shopping experience more seamless and less burdensome. 

Garrett Baxter, the former CEO, is confident in the newly appointed leader- stating: “With a strong background in business, Jinger is an amazing fit to be SimuStream’s new CEO. Her passion for innovation and tech will serve not only our company, but the industry as well. She will be leading the team as SimuStream continues to grow our platform and our user base into a promising future.”

As technology continues to modernize online shopping, it has become essential to have a visionary leader who can act promptly and effectively to ensure productivity and efficiency. SimuStream and the board of directors believes that Ms. Koyle possesses the appropriate skills and qualities to successfully help the company achieve its utmost potential.

For more information on SimuStream’s new leadership, technology, or collaborations, visit SimuStream.com.  Any specific inquiries can be emailed to info@simustream.com. All physical mail can be addressed to:

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