Making Video Lead Generation Simpler and More Effective

Ask any modern-day marketer about the importance of using videos as a marketing tool to improve customer experience, and the answer will be near-unanimous. This is because videos serve as an excellent medium to reach out to audiences from different demographics the world over. Businesses now turn to video marketing to achieve different goals, one of which is lead generation. The possibility of capturing leads even as viewers continue watching videos has upped the ante even more.

When Videos and Lead Generation Amalgamate

According to a HubSpot post, 66% of consumers turned to videos in 2022 to learn about products, services, or brands. In another post, it highlights that 86% of video marketers feel videos work well in generating leads. Given the significant number of internet users who watch videos for different purposes and their effectiveness in generating leads, businesses from across sectors may benefit by incorporating them into their marketing strategies.

Why Do Videos Work?

One of the main reasons videos work well in generating leads is that they hold the potential to improve engagement levels as well as the overall customer experience. Bear in mind that most viewers favor watching videos over reading text, and by keeping your audience engaged for longer, you increase the possibility of generating more leads. Another reason why videos work well in lead generation is that they help build trust. In addition, consumers tend to retain information better when they watch videos instead of reading text.

Types of Videos You May Use

If you look at video marketing statistics for 2022, you’ll see that the use of this medium has grown significantly over the last few years. It’s also plain to see that businesses now use different types of videos use to capture leads across various online platforms. Some of the most common ones include: 

  • Product/service videos. These highlight specific features that consumers may benefit from by using your products/services. While you may use these videos to collect leads, using them to promote video shopping is also an option.
  • Brand videos. Brand videos offer insight into what your business does and what it represents. Using these videos lets you tell your brand’s story. When done right, they also help establish trust.
  • Explainer videos. An explainer video is usually for an audience that is unfamiliar with your brand. It sheds light on what your brand does and highlights the problem it can solve.
  • Video adverts. Video advertisements that highlight the benefits of your products or services can help build interest in your viewers.
  • Using testimonial videos from customers who’re happy with what your brand has to offer can work wonders when it comes to building trust.
  • FAQ videos. FAQ videos help answer questions your existing or potential customers may have about your brand or its offerings. They also give you the ability to showcase your products/services further.

The Most Effective Way to Use Videos for Lead Generation

Using gated video content and sharing videos through different social media channels have worked as effective ways to capture leads. This is also the case with using videos on landing pages and YouTube end screens. However, the process has become simpler and considerably more effective after the arrival of in-video contact forms.

How it Works

Do you know that it’s possible to increase your existing form completion rate by up to 50% in a rather easy way? How the process works is simple. You create a video and include a lead generation form within the content. You get to determine just when you want the form to appear and how long you want it to remain on screen. Your audience gets to fill out the form while watching the video, without the need for any redirection. While this makes lead generation way more effective than before, businesses may also use this technology to offer video shopping and live shopping experiences to their customers.


Businesses that use videos to generate leads need to look at how they may benefit by offering in-video lead generation forms. If videos are not part of your marketing arsenal yet, it’s probably time to look at what this medium has to offer. In any case, it’s crucial for you to partner with a company that specializes in providing in-video lead generation solutions through the use of interactive videos.

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