Legal Lead Generation

Instances of lawyers and law firms generating leads by turning to video marketing are not new, and several have used this medium well. If you check YouTube, you’ll find an abundance of legal videos on a variety of topics ranging from civil to criminal law. More often than not, these videos aim to draw in potential customers. However, given the competition, it’s essential to get as many leads as possible. The good news is that this might be much simpler than you imagine

Lead Generation Through Video Marketing

Data released by Statista shows that internet users spent close to 24 hours per month on YouTube mobile in 2021. In addition, data collated by HubSpot shows that 86% of video marketers feel that this medium is effective when it comes to generating leads. Put the two together, and you may see how you stand to benefit by turning to video marketing for generating leads. 

Attracting Potential Clients

Law firms and lawyers depend heavily on being able to attract new clients. Since YouTube ranks as the second most commonly used search engine, only after Google, ignoring this platform is not the way to go. Besides, there are various other video-sharing platforms that lawyers may use to reach out to larger target audiences with the aim of attracting potential clients.

Converting Prospects to Leads

If you wish to convert prospects into leads, video marketing has much to offer. This is because law firms may use videos to show potential clients how they can help while highlighting their expertise. You may also use videos to educate your target audience and build trust. In addition, using video testimonials may help potential clients know how you’ve assisted others in similar scenarios. Once your target audience feels confident about using your services, an increase in leads follows.

Disrupting the Lead Generation Process

Getting leads requires following the sales funnel where you start by creating awareness about your services. Then, you need to generate interest, help with the decision-making process, and guide your potential customers into taking desired actions. From the point of view of a law firm, this could be getting a lead’s contact information, setting up an appointment, or receiving a query. More often than not, this requires submitting an online form.

Get Leads Within Your Video Stream

What if someone tells you that you may increase your form completion rate by 50%? This is now possible because your potential customers can fill out forms without leaving your videos. This way, a prospective client no longer has to wait for a video to complete, click on a call to action (CTA), go to a landing page, and then enter the required information. All this can happen within your video, even as someone continues watching.

Measuring Success

The main goals of video marketing are increasing traffic and generating new leads for your law firm. Fortunately, measuring the effectiveness of your campaign is not as hard as you might imagine. Metrics you typically need to look at include:

  • View count (How many people watched your video?)
  • Engagement (For how much time did viewers watch your video?)
  • Traffic (How many viewers visited your website?)
  • Conversion rate (How many visitors to your website performed desired actions?)


Video marketing gives lawyers and law firms a great way to reach out to and engage with prospective clients. You may use videos to explain complex matters and establish yourself as an expert in your sphere. By letting your prospective clients fill out forms even as they continue to watch your videos, you may expect to see a significant increase in the number of leads you receive. All you need to do is work with a reliable company that provides this service. 

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