Best Practices Video Shopping for the Holidays

Businesses from across realms have come to realize the potential that the online marketplace has to offer, which is why it’s now possible to find most brands, big or small, on the internet. However, given the scope this medium brings, competition is strife. Consequently, it’s important for businesses and marketers to make use of the latest technology and implement specific strategies to remain ahead of their competition. Including video marketing in your scheme of things, therefore, is rather crucial.

Why Create Shopping Videos?

When it comes to the holiday shopping season and even days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, scores of consumers turn online. In doing so, they often wish to learn about the products they wish to purchase. This is where shopping videos enter the picture. Consider these numbers collated by Wix.

  • There’s an 85% probability of consumers buying products after they watch product videos.
  • In-video calls-to-action (CTAs) get 380% more clicks than otherwise.
  • Videos can increase organic traffic to landing pages by over 150%.
  • There is a 70% year-on-year increase in “how to” searches on YouTube.

Best Practices for Creating Shopping Videos

While video shopping gives businesses the ability to market their products and provide consumers with the information they seek to make informed decisions, it’s important to get them right. Here are tips that focus on creating shopping videos with the aim of boosting sales.

Keep it Short

Holiday shoppers don’t want to watch long-drawn sales promotions. The general rule of thumb suggests that shopping videos should not extend beyond the one-minute mark. However, this does not imply that you need to stretch your videos unnecessarily. For instance, even a well-crafted 30-second video may have the desired effect.

Keep it Contextual

Simply showing off a seemingly great product through your holiday shopping video is not enough.  Your video should ideally highlight the problem your product solves, how it will enrich a buyer’s life, and how it might have an effect on one’s overall well-being. 

Show and Tell

Holiday shoppers need to know exactly what you’re selling for them to be interested. Consequently, you may think about creating demo videos, explainers, and tutorials based on the types of products you sell.

Include a Solid Call-to-Action

No matter what type of shopping video you create, it should come with a short and simple CTA. Bear in mind that the likelihood of consumers performing desired actions increases significantly when they know the benefit they stand to get by completing the action in question. 

Create Unique Customer Experiences

Delivering a positive user experience (UX) plays a key role in the ability of a business to attract and retain customers. One easy way to improve customer experience is by featuring products from your eCommerce stores in your videos. Given advancements in technology, it is now possible to let people shop and complete the checkout process within a video

From a customer’s point of view, this saves the time and hassle of clicking on a link and getting to a different web page. From the business perspective, you may look forward to achieving add-to-cart rates up to three times the industry standard.


It’s fairly common knowledge among digital marketers that shopping videos can help increase sales significantly. While being able to generate interest in your products by turning to video marketing is great, you may now take your efforts one step further by letting your target audience make purchases within your videos.  All you need to do is partner with a company that specializes in this realm. 

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