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Brokers, real estate agents, and realtors who’ve not made use of video marketing are missing out on a significant share of the real estate pie. This is because well-crafted videos can give you a competitive edge, help you make more connections, and, consequently, sell more properties. 

What Numbers Say

According to a post in the REALTOR Magazine, 39% of buyers relied on video-based websites when looking for homes and 56% felt that the resource helped them a lot. In addition, while 61% of buyers felt that real estate websites would do well by offering videos, only 11% of sellers said their agents used videos to sell their homes.  This was way back in 2017, and it’s fair to assume that the numbers have increased considerably since then.

Now, 85% of buyers prefer working with real estate agents who use videos, and this is not without reason.

The Benefits of Video Marketing for Real Estate

When it comes to real estate photos, they often fall short of presenting an accurate picture of any given property.  For instance, while a listing and its photos might claim that a home has two spacious bedrooms, a prospective buyer would get a clearer picture when viewing the property in person. With videos, it’s fairly easy to capture the actual dimensions and feel of a property.  

In addition:

  • Real estate videos can help you save time because you don’t have to visit the same property multiple times.
  • They help build personal connections, address queries quickly, and showcase amenities in their true form.
  • They give you the means to convey your personality in an effective manner.
  • They help generate reliable leads.
  • They help improve search engine ranking.
  • They are typically easy to share.
  • When done right, they lead to booking more meetings and driving sales.

Sell Houses Within Your Video Stream

Real estate agents and brokers have used video marketing for selling homes in the past, and they now have the ability to simplify their prospective clients’ journeys even further. This is because clients can fill out customized lead forms while watching your videos, without going through the hassle of being redirected to another site. 

It is possible to connect your customer relationship management (CRM) to your YouTube channel in order to create interactive videos that you may embed on your website. By following this approach to aid your clients, you may expect your prequalification leads and appointments to increase by more than 100%.

The Types of Videos You May Use

Brokers and real estate agents may use different types of videos as part of their overall video marketing strategy.

  • Listing videos. These videos let you show off properties in all their glory. They help push bottom- and middle-of-the-funnel leads toward setting up meetings, and drive leads that are close to closing in the right direction. Walk-through videos fall under this bracket.
  • Market-related videos. These may include videos that offer market updates or highlight the latest real estate trends. You may also use videos to showcase the local area by offering information about restaurants, bars, schools, parks, hospitals, and events.
  • Educational videos. These help answer questions that people might have about buying or selling homes. You may touch upon aspects such as different types of mortgages, costs related to buying a home, the importance of curb appeal, smart-home technology, and the common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Interview videos. You may turn to interview videos to provide expert advice that’s outside your realm of work. For example, you may interview a real estate attorney to give your viewers information about the legalities involved in buying or selling a home. Interviews with previous clients, on the other hand, help highlight your pros without you having to do it yourself. 

Some of the other types of videos that real estate agents and brokers might use include introduction videos, live videos on Instagram/Facebook, Q & A videos, explainer videos, and videos that serve as social media advertisements.


It’s plain to see that brokers and real estate agents stand to gain significantly by turning to video marketing, and being able to add lead forms within videos helps up the ante some more. However, it’s important to narrow down on your key values and deliver a consistent message through your videos. Ideally, you should start by determining what your brand represents, what your expertise is, and how you wish your prospective clients to perceive you. 

If you aren’t sure about which approach to follow, consider discussing the specifics of your case with SimuStream, a company that lets you connect your CRM & video platform to seamlessly generate leads within your video content using fully-customizable lead forms.

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